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We are Ecorana Environmental, an eco-travel and environmental education company that specializes in creating and planning applied learning holidays for students, researchers, and ecotourists alike. Our team consists of travel and outreach specialists as well as research biologists and teachers who specialize in environmental education and conservation. We are well-versed in providing comfortable, safe, and exciting learning and travel opportunities to a range of clientele interested in environmentally and culturally conscious travel.Ecorana is poised to offer travel and education abroad opportunities in the diverse tropical country of Belize. Ecorana employs biologists who are well-trained in tropical ecology, herpetology, and ornithology, and as such, studies in tropical biology are the primary focus of our educational holidays. However, our team’s diverse interests and expertise allow us to plan all types of holidays ranging from wildlife ecotours to yoga retreats to West African drumming courses to ecological field technique courses. Wherever your interests lie, you can be guaranteed that Ecorana will be right there with you.Ecorana maintains values of environmental and cultural conservation and stewardship, hands-on education, and inclusive learning, and seeks to instill those values in all visitors to Belize. We work with many field stations and educational centers, scientists, educators, tour companies, tour guides, eco-lodges, and parks, both on the mainland and on the islands of Belize, to make sure you go exactly where you want to go and see exactly what you want to see and more!

One of our main partners is the Toucan Ridge Ecology and Education Society (T.R.E.E.S) and their field station in Belize. The objectives of this environmental education center are to host various cultural and environmental based student courses, workshops and event hosting in the heart of the beautiful Maya Mountains of Belize. We plan on providing our services to international students as well as providing opportunities for Belizean students.

For more information see our website at, or send us and email at or to go directly to the T.R.E.E.S website

Sunday, May 20, 2012


A lot of things are changing for us right now. Firstly, we have our friend Brendan Doyle here acting as our Field Manager. Brendan has come to help whip us into shape:) We thought we were working hard before!! Seriously though, so far he has been a huge help, and we expect to be closer to business much much faster with Brendan's help. Brendan is in charge of getting our communal buildings finished and he is also helping us with our media pieces (we will be posting a real Facebook page soon!) and also just general business consulting which he is a pro at. Thank-you Brendan!

In other news........Diesel has been lobotomized! By this I mean he has been neutered, but really his only thinking organ up to now was his testicles and he was going to get himself killed by the neighbour's dogs or the big trucks due to his propensity for impregnating the poor neighbour female on Tuesday Brendan and I took a road trip to Belize City with all of the animals in tow! They all got their shots, deworming meds, and Diesel lost his tomcathood. He is already a different kitty. Sleepy, hungry, and purry, just the way we like him.

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